Taking A Vacation Is Good For Your Health

A man and a woman enjoying the spray of a waterfall in the Grand Canyon

It is estimated that American workers left over 768 million vacation days unused in 2018. For a nation of overworked and stressed out people, that is a lot of time that could have been used to relax, unwind, and maybe knock something off of their bucket list. Between work, family, and the responsibilities of being an adult, taking some out to do nothing except maybe play is good for the mind and body. 

Why You Need To Go

There are a number of reasons why taking a vacation is important to your health. The mental break from your usual tasks will ultimately help with productivity and improve your mental health. 

Reduces Stress – Taking some time off will remind you that your job isn’t everything. The emails, the paperwork, and the phone calls can wait. Getting outside and doing something you love will help to put things into perspective. 

Something To Look Forward To - After putting down their deposit, many people feel a twinge of excitement and a sense of relief because they know they have an adventure planned for the future. It can make the mundane easier to deal with and even give them a cause for celebration! 

The Planning Can Feel Overwhelming

Over 30 years ago when Rivers and Oceans first started, planning a rafting trip to the Grand Canyon meant reaching out to The National Park Service, requesting a list of outfitters, and reaching out to them directly for a brochure and availability. Things are much different today. Now there are countless websites, reviews, and an overwhelming amount of information. People can spend upwards of 40 hours planning a trip to a place they are unfamiliar with, so it’s no wonder why people aren’t using their time off as they should.

When you are thinking about your vacation, block out the days in your calendar immediately. At the beginning of the year, block out that time for yourself so nothing else gets in your way and stops you from going. Even if the trip is several months away, you and your colleagues will know that you will not be working during that time. 

How We Help

We do the legwork for you.

Our business was founded to make vacation planning easier and more accessible to our clients. We know all of the Grand Canyon outfitters and we know about all of the available trips you can choose from. We will provide you with a list so you can see what’s open in your timeframe and go from there. Our services come at no extra cost as our commission is paid by our partner outfitters.  Our clients often say that we make booking a rafting adventure easy for them by saving them time sorting through their options. We can answer all of your questions so that you feel confident in knowing you have made the best vacation choice!  

Pro Planning Tip: When you’re planning your trip, think about how you’re going to feel while you’re figuring out logistics. Traveling always looks different on paper than when you actually do it. Sometimes a lot can be gained by giving yourself a little breathing room when going from point A to point B. For example, if you just got off a 7-day river trip and haven’t had a shower – it might be nice to stay in a hotel for a night before flying home. You’ll feel better for it and the time will give you a chance to digest your experience before jumping back into reality.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Where do you want to go this year? What do you want to do? National “Plan a Vacation Day” happens on the last Tuesday of January and was started by the US Travel Association. This day encourages people to plan and schedule their time off. This year, it falls on January 24th and we encourage everyone reading this to mark it on your calendar and to really plan something for yourself. You will feel much better for it!


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