Armchair Adventures - Streaming Rafting Videos and More!

Like many of you, here at Rivers and Oceans we are spending more time at home than usual. With our normal outdoor recreation limited, the best way to participate in adventures is sitting on our couches. Below are some videos and movies we've enjoyed during the pandemic.

Banff Film Festival at Home

Banff has curated some of their favorite outdoor videos on their website, calling it the Film Fest at Home. A few of our favorites include a kayak trip down the  Apurimac River in Peru, a 95-year-old runner, and a Canadian guy bicycling in the winter through the Arctic.

How to Make a Face Mask

The Mayor of Kauai made a nice video about how to make an "aloha mask" out of a t-shirt. The idea is to protect others by wearing a mask to prevent the spread of your own germs.

Grand Canyon Rafting Videos


Running Crystal HoleWant to know what happens when a raft goes into Crystal Hole?


Paddle Boating Lava Falls - For those that wondered what it would be like to flip in Lava Falls.


Surviving Upset Rapid - Sometimes there is a special angel watching over rafters.


Going Big at Hermit Rapid - See how to re-right a gear boat.


Going Big at Hermit Rapid 2 - High water Hermit, the 5th and 10th waves are HUGE!


Want more rafting fun? Here are some feature length films with rafting scenes.


Vacation (2015)

River Wild (1994)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Ten Who Dared (1960)