Dietary Restrictions? No Problem! | 4 Easy and Delicious Campfire Recipes

Rivers and Oceans Dietary Restrictions? No Problem! | 4 Easy and Delicious Campfire Recipes

Sleeping beneath the stars, fresh air, endless wilderness at your fingertips – camping is one of the best ways to connect with nature and recharge. Cooking meals over a campfire is one of the highlights of camping, but for those of us who have dietary restrictions, mealtime can be a source of anxiety.

As someone who has Celiac Disease and lactose intolerance, I understand the need to be extremely careful about what foods I eat. It can be challenging to find camp recipes that don’t skimp on flavor or require extensive preparation.

The good news is that there are a lot of new camp-friendly recipes out there that can accommodate for all kinds of dietary restrictions. Below are four of my favorite recipes that are easy to follow and are packed with flavor. With simple but delicious ingredients and a bit of innovation, anyone can enjoy a tasty meal over a campfire.

Stuffed Bell Peppers (GF, DF, VEG, V, NF)


  • 4 bell peppers, tops cut off (set aside), seeds and insides removed
  • 1 can black beans, drained
  • 1 can of sweet corn, drained
  • 1 red onion, peeled and diced
  • 1 sweet potato, cubed
  • 1 can diced tomatoes, drained
  • 1 lime, quartered
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic Salt
  • Cumin
  • Cayenne powder
  • Foil


  1. Lightly coat the outsides and tops of the bell peppers with olive oil
  2. Mix the black beans, sweet corn, sweet potato, onion and tomatoes together and drizzle with olive oil. Season with pepper, garlic salt, cumin and cayenne powder to taste.
  3. Spoon the mixture into the bell peppers
  4. Place the tops back onto the bell peppers and tightly wrap with foil
  5. Cook on hot coals for 20-30 minutes, let cool and dig in!

Shrimp and Corn Foil Packets (GF, DF, NF)


  • 1 pound of shrimp, peeled
  • 2 ears of corn, husks removed and quartered
  • 1 red onion, peeled and diced
  • 1 pound of purple potatoes, chopped into 1 inch sections
  • Extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling
  • 2 lemons, thinly sliced
  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


  1. Cut 4 sheets of foil, measuring about 12 inches long
  2. Evenly divide the shrimp, corn, potatoes, onion and lemon slices over the sheets of foil and drizzle with olive oil. Season with rosemary, pepper and salt to taste.
  3. Fold the sides of the foil to completely cover the shrimp and tightly roll the edges to seal the packet
  4. Place on hot coals and cook for 15-20 minutes, remove and let cool and enjoy!

Ultimate Campfire Nachos (GF, VEG, V*, NF)


  • Tortilla chips
  • 2 avocados
  • 1 can of refried black beans
  • 1 can of black olives
  • 1 can of fire roasted tomatoes
  • 1 lime, quartered
  • 1 bag of cheese blend or vegan cheese*
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper


  1. In a cast iron skillet, portion out tortilla chips to completely cover the bottom.
  2. Cover the chips with cheese, refried beans, olives and tomatoes to your liking.
  3. Cover the skillet with a lid or tin foil and let the nachos bake for 10 minutes on hot coals.
  4. While waiting for the nachos to cook, cut and de-pit the avocados and smash thoroughly with a fork. Season with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste.
  5. Take the skillet off the coals, let the nachos cool and add the avocado. Voila!

*These can be made vegan and dairy free by switching the cheese blend for a vegan cheese or completely omitting cheese.

Campfire Brownies (GF, DF, VEG, V, NF)


  • 1 package of gluten-free, dairy free brownie mix
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup water
  • 5-6 large oranges
  • Foil
  • Toppings: chocolate chips, coconut shavings, vegan marshmallows, the options are endless!


  1. Mix the brownie batter according to the directions on the package
  2. Slice the tops off of the oranges and completely scoop out the insides
  3. Scoop brownie batter into each orange and place the tops back on
  4. Wrap each orange tightly in foil
  5. Bake on hot coals for 30-35 minutes, or until completely cooked through
  6. Carefully remove from the coals, let cool and top off with whatever you like!

GF = Gluten Free | DF = Dairy Free | V = Vegan | VEG = Vegetarian | NF = Nut Free

Most of our outfitters are able to accommodate dietary restrictions. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure but worried about the menu, we can help! Give us call and we’ll guide you through.