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The word adventure can evoke a sense of extremity. Jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, diving with sharks, hiking to the highest peak – adventure is often defined as “go big or go home”. We don’t believe this is necessarily true. Life is an adventure, with every big and small moment.

We believe that a sense of adventure can be infused into everyday life with an open mind and a change of perspective. Approaching the world with a sense of curiosity and enjoying what each moment brings can enrich your experiences and bring new opportunities to connect with your day, your world, your adventure.

While we may be the experts of adventure travel, our team embraces the adventures of everyday life.

Every day can be an adventure when you approach the world with a sense of wonder. I love to take my time and wander forest hiking trails near my house. Doing a large hike can make me feel accomplished, but spending time noticing the world around me makes me feel fulfilled. Nature is every changing and there is always something new to discover!

My every day adventures include: hiking on new trails in Northern Arizona, visiting creeks in Sedona, AZ, canoeing and camping when I have a free weekend, exploring outdoors with my daughter – the world is always new to her.

–  Kimberly, Operations & Development Coordinator

Everyday adventure for me means getting my family outside every day. On the days that we stay inside, we all get antsy, the kids start to pick on each other, and we’re all cooped up. So no matter the weather, my husband and I gear up the kids and we head outside. Sometimes it means a simple walk up to the woods in our backyard for lunch; other times it’s a paddleboard and kayak adventure with the babies in PFDs (person floatation devices). Splashing in Oak Creek, in Northern Arizona, is a weekly adventure and foraging for walnuts and berries adds to the fun. We identify plants, insects, and birds. My kids teach us how to see the beauty if everything.

“Look Mom, a swallowtail!”

“Isn’t the Canyon beautiful, Mom?”

They approach the world with wide open eyes.

– Bianca, Operations Assistant

Every day adventure means being open to what the day has to offer. Keeping my eyes open for something new in my day-to-day life. Taking my dog on a hike. I’m lucky to live in Sedona, AZ and have beautiful places to hike. My dog is always about her two adventures (a.k.a. walks / hikes) a day and that holds me accountable for getting out there. Mostly to me, adventure is an attitude. With the intention to make every day an adventure, our lives become richer.

– Jen, Vice President

Every day adventure is breaking up routine, having fun and being present in the moment. I can be found dancing around the office or skipping around in nature. Adventure is about creating joyous memories and being in the moment.

– FrancescaAdventure Booking Specialist

To me, adventure means: excitement, enthusiasm, balance, new experiences, keeping a playful outlook, optimism, positivity, playing in the yard, riding our motorcycle to Sedona, playing disc golf, even trying a new recipe to cook!

 MaureenCustom Adventure Coordinator

I love walking my dogs and taking off on a road trip. We are blessed with so many national park and monuments close to us and I love being able to enjoy the doors and having great, blue skies.

– MichelleAdventure Booking Specialist

Adventure is everywhere if you take a moment to see and experience it. One’s drive to work, walking to the mailbox during the workday: adventure is experience. Travel buddies also add a sense of adventure to every occasion. Play tourist in your hometown – there are always sights to see, people to meet, events to experience. There are always shows, museum exhibits, restaurants to check out that can all lead to a new experience!

– MeganAdventure Booking Specialist

Adventure doesn’t always have to be exploring the outdoors. I like to explore through cooking and finding new recipes. Reading can take you on adventures and to places you’ve never even thought of. A good book and some whiskey is my idea of an adventure.

– DanAdventure Booking Specialist

Adventure doesn’t always have to be jumping out of a plane or diving into open water. Anything that gets outside of my comfort zone and opens my mind to a new way of thinking is an adventure. Whether it’s exploring a new part of my neighborhood with my dog or hiking in the forest near my house, I try to set the intention to break out of my every day routine and embrace my inner explorer.

– JuliaMarketing Coordinator

Well, just getting out of bed is the first adventure. Deciding what I’m going to have for breakfast. Looking into the eyes of a day. Going for a long walk in the woods that come right up to the edge of our town – with dogs! Crossing the big parking lot on the way to and from grocery shopping. Watching the Boston Red Sox, my favorite baseball team.

– GeoffDesign and Technology Director

Tell us what everyday adventure means to you!

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