Team Up With The Rivers & Oceans Team And Give the Gift of Adventure

With the holidays approaching, many people are out there doing their shopping, looking for that next “must-have” item. It can be a time of great consumerism, where items are purchased, given, then placed in the closet, not to be seen again for many months.

When thinking about your gift-giving list this holiday season, ask yourself, do they really need more stuff?

Sometimes giving stuff isn’t the answer. Giving someone an experience, something they will remember, can be far more rewarding and appreciated. When you give the gift of adventure, you’ll be able to help your loved one knock something off of their bucket list, and that won’t soon be forgotten!

Giving An Experience

Imagine sleeping under the stars, feeling the adrenaline of white water rapids carrying you down the river, soaking up the sun while resting on magnificent riverbanks carved into the canyon floor over the past several million years.

There is something about the Grand Canyon that draws people in. From its sacred land, beautiful topography, and ruggedly beautiful scenery, it is a place every member of your family can come to experience adventure. The team here at Rivers & Oceans can help you build the customized adventure of a lifetime.

Trips For Families:

There are a number of excursions that are perfect for the whole family. And any of the 1 day rafting trips are perfect for those wanting to experience the canyon, without spending the night out in the elements. The 3-4 day trips that go into the western section of the Grand Canyon include a visit to Bar 10 Ranch, a helicopter ride, and so much more! Kids must be 8 years old for a motor trip and 12 years old for a non-motor trip.

Trips For Couples:

Couples can enjoy a quick getaway on one of our shorter 1-2 day trips. A longer trip, spending a few days out in nature, can really help to bring couples together. The 3-4 day trips through the Western Grand Canyon are great for those who want a taste of the canyon, without spending too many nights outside.

Trips For Solo Travelers:

While exploring the Canyon is a wonderful experience to enjoy with family and friends, traveling on your own can be a transformative experience! Whether you are looking for something for a loved one, or for yourself, we will help you to plan the experience you are looking for. If you are looking for adventure, quietness to clear your mind, or the challenge of something new, we will help you build the trip of a lifetime!

Trips For Retiree’s:

As long as there are no major physical limitations, any of our 1 day or multi-day trips are perfect for retirees who are looking for some adventure! For those who don’t want to hike in and out of the Canyon, we offer full canyon trips without any hiking required. You will be able to enjoy grand canyon rafting without any of the challenges people encounter when hiking to the site.

Looking Ahead To 2020!

2020 is booking up fast! With adventure travel hotter than ever, many seats are already spoken for. You can check out the current availability here! We are also beginning to get rates and dates for 2021… it is never too early to book!

Where Will Adventure Take You This Year?

As you find yourself spending more and more time with your loved ones this holiday season, ask them about the experiences and adventures they would like to have. What fun adventures could you have together?

Giving the gift of an experience, as well as your time, is something that can’t be bought in any store. Giving the gift of adventure will create memories that last a lifetime!


We would love to help you plan the ultimate Grand Canyon rafting adventure! Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you! 928-526-4575