Monsoons in Grand Canyon

During the summer here in Northern Arizona, winds from the south blow in moisture from the Gulf of California. In the morning when the sun heats the Inner Canyon, hot air rises and collides with the cool, moist air above. This collision creates amazing, short-lived afternoon thunderstorms. 

In July, August, and early September (monsoon season) these storms hit Grand Canyon on an almost daily basis. The storms can bring some dramatic clouds, winds and lightning - an amazing site when you are Grand Canyon river rafting.  Luckily these storms are often short lived and usually come as a refreshing, cooling afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

shows localized monsoon rainfall in the Grnd Cnyon

While the threat of flash floods and lightning strikes accompany monsoon season, all your Grand Canyon rafting guides know how to stay safe during these daily storms -- and monsoon season can be a beautiful time of year. Once the threat of lightning passes, take a look outside to see just how much these crucial rains change the landscape. Smell the rain-soaked dirt and watch plants and flowers come back to life. Look for a rainbow overhead and listen as the birds start to sing again.