Most of us strive to make eco-friendly choices at home, but what about when we travel? Having been in the adventure travel industry for 30 years, we strive to balance our travels with our eco-footprint. We have partnered with amazing outfitters from around the world to offer trips that are big on adventure, but low on impact. Here are a few tips to help make your travels not only good for you, but good for our planet.

BUY LOCAL. Support the local community you are visiting by opting to shop with locally-owned businesses and buy locally made products. Buying local crafts and souvenirs helps to support local artists while giving you the perfect opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of your destination.

STAY LOCAL. Skipping chain hotels and resorts and choosing locally owned, eco- friendly places to stay is the perfect way to immerse yourself into the landscape. Local places to stay tend to be more conscientious of local ecologies when it comes to operations and maintenance. Take the chance to help conserve while gaining a more hands-on experience.

EAT LOCAL. Food is often the focal point of how people bond and native cuisine isone of the best ways to connect to a new culture. Choose to opt out of restaurant chains and experience new flavors and dishes while helping support local farmers and choosing ingredients with less of a carbon footprint.

SET YOUR OWN PACE. Choosing alternative ways to explore your destination allows you to connect deeper with nature and help preserve delicate environments. Exploring by foot, kayak, bicycle, or paddle board gives you the chance to slow down and fully take-in your surroundings. Nix unnecessary modes of transportation and lighten your carbon footprint by embracing the opportunity to set your own pace.

SKIP THE CROWDS. Traveling in smaller groups not only reduces the impact on the local communities, it offers a more intimate experience. Smaller groups mean less resources used for transportation and travel. Skipping overcrowded tourist destinations and choosing a smaller group allow for a more immersive adventure and for more opportunities to experience local culture up-close.

BYO – BRING YOUR OWN. Packing your own reusable water bottle and tote bag is an easy and convenient way to reduce your amount of waste and save money. Bring water purifying tablets or a SteriPEN for an easy way to make water safer to drink. Using a reusable bag while you are sightseeing or shopping is a convenient way to carry souvenirs. It can also double as a beach bag or day bag, depending on your needs

ASK QUESTIONS. We vet our partner outfitters by asking questions to make sure that we are choosing trips that reflect our values when it comes to traveling sustainably. When choosing an expedition or an outfitter for your adventure, ask questions about their environmental practices and relationship with the local community.

  • Do they hire local guides?
  • Do they have any community programs?
  • What are they doing to lessen their impact?

Make sure you are putting your travel investment into a team that cares about their impact on the local community and environment.

No matter where we travel, being mindful of our choices and helping conserve other communities is crucial for lightening our global impact. Adopting even one of these tips can make a difference when you are traveling. We pride ourselves on our expertise in connecting other to sustainable adventures that are not only good for the soul, but also the earth. Check out our Belize and Baja destinations for trips that focus on sustainable and eco-friendly travel.