Maximize Your Vacation With These Tips for Rafting The Grand Canyon


Group of river rafters paddling down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon in a yellow inflatable boat


Taking a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon can be a once in a lifetime experience. While you are likely to enjoy the experience no matter what, there are a few things you can do to make the experience even better. Below, we have provided some information about the questions we receive most often, what to expect on a typical day, and some tips to make your trip as amazing as possible.

When To Go?

We always say the best time of year to raft the Grand Canyon is whenever you can make the time to go! The Grand Canyon is special in that no matter when you decide to book your trip, there is always something special you can look forward to.

For people who don’t want to worry about the heat, we recommend April and October. These are great months to go if you want to incorporate hiking into your trip. May and September are also quite nice, and typically cooler than June-August, which are busiest times of year to visit the Grand Canyon. August is the beginning of Monsoon season, which can bring exciting afternoon thunderstorms and waterfalls flowing down the Canyon walls. If you visit during the springtime, you will get to see beautiful wildflowers and other stunning sights of spring.

Getting Into The Right Mindset

Our tag line is “are you ready for adventure?” and this is a question that our clients need to ask themselves before making the trip. A true adventure is unpredictable, exciting, it has highs and lows, and it may not be what we’re expecting. Each day brings different and sometimes unforeseen situations.  Because of this, adventure makes us feel fully engaged and alive. An attitude of openness, flexibility, and a willingness to accept what is will serve you well when you are rafting the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon presents its own set of unique conditions, from the peacefully sublime to the ferociously thrilling. You may find that you are required to step outside of your comfort zone, and your willingness to do so is key. From day one, you will be immersed in the varying elements of nature without any set routine. You’ll find that after several days, you will have developed your own rhythm. After time spent on the river experiencing the heart-pounding excitement of large rapids, great hikes, breathtaking scenery, sleeping under the stars, pristine wilderness, serene stretches of river, the power of the elements – wind, sun, rain, heat and cold, you will be exhausted. This is a vacation that you will return from tired, dirty, and most importantly… fulfilled.

What To Expect On Your Trip

One thing that surprises many first time rafters is how much they bond with their fellow rafters and how this connection makes their time on the river sweeter. When rafting the Grand Canyon, you will get up close and personal with nature. You’ll go to sleep when the sun sets and wake up when it rises. You will be able to see and appreciate just how simple life can be. Being out in nature on a river trip will bring you back to the basics. A hot meal, a place to sleep, good conversation – these things matter more than a Wi-Fi connection!  

A Few Tips To Consider

  • * Pack light. Let go and free up space for something new to come in. You can check out more tips on packing here!
  • * Take care of yourself. Take care of the Canyon. Drink enough water. Eat enough food. Ask for help when you need it, and offer help whenever you can.
  • * Remember that all adventures have challenges. When rafting the Grand Canyon, embrace what comes and you will reap the rewards.
  • * Sleep outside under the stars – it’s an experience you’ll never forget!
  • * Get vertical. Be where you are so that not even one precious moment slips by unnoticed.
  • * Rediscover your sense of wonder. Be a child again. Play. Explore. Get dirty. Tell the serious part of you that you’ll meet up later - adventure is calling!

If there is anything else you would like to know, check out our FAQ or reach out to us directly. We are happy to answer any questions you have about rafting the Grand Canyon!


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