New Zealand: Experience it Like a Local

New Zealand - Experience it like a Local

Want an all-inclusive New Zealand experience without having to plan anything more than your flights into the country? We have the trip for you!

We sat down with Hamish McMaster of Water by Nature who shared with us his one of his favorite offerings: his New Zealand multi-activity adventure. Hamish is one of our newest partners and his company has been offering exceptional expeditions for over a decade.  As a native kiwi of New Zealand, this trip holds a special place in his heart. He has tailored every detail of this extraordinary expedition, including keeping group sizes intimate (8-12 people), to give our clients an immersive, authentic experience. Here’s what he had to say about the New Zealand Adventure.

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What makes New Zealand ‘epic’?

Because in such a small place you get to experience so many wonderful adventures. It’s a country of some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and it’s a very safe place. It’s just awesome. I designed this trip in New Zealand off of all the things I myself love to do here. If I were going to do a holiday here in New Zealand, it would include all of these adventures. People don’t get to see some of the things we see unless they go with a native Kiwi, which I think really makes our trips special. I love that I am exposing them to a unique adventure, and really a unique place.  Something I’m very proud of is the way that New Zealand is so super safe and generous. It’s the kind of place you don’t have to lock your car, your house, or worry about crime. It’s almost like a part of the world that doesn’t exist anymore, and people just feel trusted and so at ease here. Between the people, the scenery, and the opportunity for adventures outdoors; it’s a world all of its own.

What is your favorite aspect of the New Zealand adventure?

It is so hard to pick one thing because all the adventures of the trip are so cool! But a neat highlight of our expedition that’s always amazing is the Landsborough River trip, which is positioned right in the middle of the Southern Alps. We take an amazing helicopter ride in, enjoy a great dinner the evening before we get on the river, and the combination of the mountain views and the clear blue water below is just incredible. There are so many elements of this trip that put you in the most breathtaking places and scenery that New Zealand has to offer.

Do you offer any cultural exchange opportunities or highlights on your trips?

Yes, there are. On the first day we go to Waitangi which is where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 between the Maori people and European settlers. We are greeted with a traditional Maori welcome and witness some native song and dance, along with a visit to the museum there which discusses the treaty in more depth as far as how it was formed, agreed upon, and how it has built a trusted relationship between the Maori people and the British. The first half of the trip we include a lot of history of New Zealand which I think is great for our guests and gives them something to connect to with the land we are exploring.

What is something that surprises most people about this trip?

There is one evening where we stay at The Shearer’s Quarters which is an old high country sheep shearing station that has been converted into an authentic and rustic lodge. It sits parallel to Mt. Cook which is literally 25 meters from our doorstep. Our guests love this experience, and it has that feeling of being at summer camp in a way. Although the lodge is rustic, it is still really nice and incredibly comfortable. I pick up some groceries and then cook everyone a fantastic dinner.  We have a terrific evening there. The scenery and setting can’t be beat.

Last words from Hamish:

I really love showing people around my country; nothing makes me more proud! And this is just one of many unique and authentic New Zealand experiences that we will get to do together on our trip.

Ready to explore New Zealand like a local?

To learn more about this New Zealand Adventure and how to get in touch with Hamish, give us a call or fill out an inquiry form. We can guide you through all the logistics and make this adventure easy and accessible. We’re here to help you every step of the way!