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Alaska, Hawaii and even Washington. From A to Z (well 'W') Rivers and Oceans scours the earth to find the best destinations for your adventure. Stunning wildlife, pristine waters, get up close and personal with these national treasures.


Choosing a Grand Canyon rafting trip that is right for you can feel overwhelming – navigating through 15 commercial outfitters, over 100 different trips, and other logistics can be tiring. This is where we step in. Since 1987, we have been the ultimate source for connecting people to Grand Canyon rafting. If you want to save time researching and speak with one of our Adventure Booking Specialists, give us a call at (928) 526-4575. We’ll answers your questions and guide you through the process. If you know you’re ready to raft, contact us and we’ll find the perfect trip for you.


Unblemished by the landmarks of urban development, the vast, unchanging wilderness of a white water rafting Idaho trip has earned a reputation for being pristine and untamed. This rustic frontier boasts environments void of pavement and where undammed, wild rivers flow freely. The prehistoric and historic heritage of the region is majestically displayed with a diverse landscape of towering mountains, wooded ridges, deep canyons, chiseled monuments, saw-toothed crags and eroded bluffs. Each river in Idaho has its own character, offering a variety of water adventure experiences for people of all ages. Breathtaking scenery, exhilarating rapids, amazing meals, relaxing hot springs and the simple pleasure of listening to stories told around a campfire leave a lasting impression in the heart’s of those who venture out into this wild country.


The Rogue River in Southwest Oregon is the quintessential whitewater river trip for multi-generational families. This 2 – 5-day journey will take you down approximately 40 miles of thick forested canyons, sandy beach campsites, and warm water perfect for swimming and relaxing. You will encounter many Class II and III rapids and, when water levels are high, two Class IV rapids including Rainey Falls and Blossom Bar, a technical ride requiring strategic maneuvering through swift channels and boulders for a fun, exhilarating challenge. This trip also offers a variety of hikes including a trek to Kelsey Creek, where you can jump in for a cool swim and cast a line to hook a Chinook salmon or a brown trout. The hillsides and rustic lodges tell the stories of Native Americans, cowboys, and gold miners who once ventured into this wild country.


The unique wildlife of the Galápagos Islands is abundant, and thanks to a lack of natural predators, visitors can get up close; an experience of harmony that is unforgettable. With a maximum of 48 guests, fewer passengers onboard means that expeditions are made up of a small group and your guides will be able to share with you the natural and cultural history of the area. Visit the culturally rich city of Quito and spend time exploring Spanish historic sites and a Pre-Columbian Art Museum. This trip visits seven different islands, giving you the opportunity to explore the different ecosystems of each island and view a variety of wildlife. No hidden fees for excursions gives you the option to kayak, hike, snorkel, take a glass-bottom boat ride, or hang out onboard and enjoy the view.

  • I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the Rivers & Oceans’ staff, their organizational skills, knowledge and simply being just nice people. Once I decided to go with them every detail of the adventure was planned, organized and implemented without a hitch.

    Steve G.

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