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One question we are often asked at Rivers & Oceans is about the difference between taking a one-day and a two-day Grand Canyon rafting trip. Click here for the breakdown.
gear to wear and bring whitewater rafting
Let’s go rafting! But now what to pack? Whether you’re an experienced rafter or a first timer, knowing what to pack and wear is probably one of the most important questions on any kind of vacation. After the excitement of booking and arranging logistics, then comes the “what to bring?” dilemma. Whitewater outfitters and companies
view of western grand canyon on a whitewater rafting trip
A Grand Canyon river rafting trip through the western section of the Canyon is a great introductory trip, offering mild whitewater, the feeling of being a mile deep in the earth, and the experience of sleeping beneath the stars.
Labels different parts of Lava Falls Rapid
Lava Falls, Grand Canyon National Park One hundred seventy-nine miles downstream from Lees Ferry on the Colorado River sits Lava Falls Rapid. With a difficulty rating of 10 on the 1-10 Grand Canyon scale (Class V on the international scale of river difficulty), Lava Falls is arguably the most famous whitewater rafting rapid in the
shows what a Grand Canyon Rafting Company motor trip raft looks like
One of the first questions to figure out for rafting the Colorado River is the type of whitewater craft to use. We’ve written this blog to help you understand the different boats that are run commercially and how they change the experience of floating the Grand Canyon. Motorized versus Non-motorized Rafts A starting point for
shows whitewater raft running big wave during July the best time for high water in Grand Canyon
Seasons of Grand Canyon – Rafting through the Grand Canyon is an unparalleled experience. One of the most common questions we receive from first time rafters is, “What is the best time to raft?” We wish we could give a finite answer; however, the honest answer is that the “best time to raft” varies from person to person. Truly, each month offers a different experience. Seasons of Grand Canyon – Rafting through the Grand Canyon is an unparalleled