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It is estimated that American workers left over 768 million vacation days unused in 2018. For a nation of overworked and stressed out people, that is a lot of time that could have been used to relax, unwind, and maybe knock something off of their bucket list. Between work, family, and the responsibilities of being
With the holidays approaching, many people are out there doing their shopping, looking for that next “must-have” item. It can be a time of great consumerism, where items are purchased, given, then placed in the closet, not to be seen again for many months. When thinking about your gift-giving list this holiday season, ask yourself,

Grand Canyon Availability

Check out the general availability for rafting in Grand Canyon in 2019 and 2020!
Our newest team member, Clint Diveley, adventure booking specialist, recently returned from his first trip rafting Grand Canyon — and we asked him how it went! Check out what Clint had to say about his first Grand Canyon river rafting trip

Rivers and Oceans Retreats to the River!

We planned a thoughtful, beautiful retreat to reconnect and regroup before our busy season. As river rafting experts, we wanted to get on the water and chose the San Juan River in Utah. Check out what we learned from our own company offsite adventure.

One or Two Days Rafting the Grand Canyon?

one or two
One question we are often asked at Rivers & Oceans is about the difference between taking a one-day and a two-day Grand Canyon rafting trip. Click here for the breakdown.

Grab a Paddle!

We love this Grand Canyon whitewater trip because it gives us the rare opportunity to paddle the Colorado River. It’s a physical adventure with a magnificent night camping under the stars in the Grand Canyon.

Gear Spotlight: Rain Gear

Yes! You really do need a rain suit when river rafting in the Grand Canyon, and here’s why: