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A man and a woman enjoying the spray of a waterfall in the Grand Canyon
It is estimated that American workers left over 768 million vacation days unused in 2018. For a nation of overworked and stressed out people, that is a lot of time that could have been used to relax, unwind, and maybe knock something off of their bucket list. Between work, family, and the responsibilities of being

Grand Canyon Availability

Check out the general availability for rafting in Grand Canyon in 2019 and 2020!

Clint’s First Time Rafting

Our newest team member, Clint Diveley, adventure booking specialist, recently returned from his first trip rafting Grand Canyon — and we asked him how it went! Check out what Clint had to say about his first Grand Canyon river rafting trip

Rivers and Oceans Retreats to the River!

We planned a thoughtful, beautiful retreat to reconnect and regroup before our busy season. As river rafting experts, we wanted to get on the water and chose the San Juan River in Utah. Check out what we learned from our own company offsite adventure.

Monsoons in Grand Canyon

During the summer here in Northern Arizona, winds from the south blow in moisture from the Gulf of California. In the morning when the sun heats the Inner Canyon, hot air rises and collides with the cool, moist air above. This collision creates amazing, short-lived afternoon thunderstorms.

Grand Canyon Side Hikes

Hiking side canyons is one of the best perks of rafting Grand Canyon.  Amongst the desert landscapes are magical grottos with waterfalls, ferns and monkey flowers, and views that only few get to see.  Here are five answers to commonly asked questions that will help you prepare for the best explorations possible.
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