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Gear Spotlight: Rain Gear

Yes! You really do need a rain suit when river rafting in the Grand Canyon, and here’s why:

Monsoons in Grand Canyon

During the summer here in Northern Arizona, winds from the south blow in moisture from the Gulf of California. In the morning when the sun heats the Inner Canyon, hot air rises and collides with the cool, moist air above. This collision creates amazing, short-lived afternoon thunderstorms.

Why We Love the Western Section

A Grand Canyon river rafting trip through the western section of the Canyon is a great introductory trip, offering mild whitewater, the feeling of being a mile deep in the earth, and the experience of sleeping beneath the stars.

Grand Canyon River Hikes: FAQ

Hiking side canyons is one of the best perks of rafting Grand Canyon.  Amongst the desert landscapes are magical grottos with waterfalls, ferns and monkey flowers, and views that only few get to see.  Here are five answers to commonly asked questions that will help you prepare for the best explorations possible.
The learning curve can be steep for women in the wilderness and we would love to help alleviate some of those minor inconveniences of being a woman in the wild. This post is full of tips and tricks from our own experienced female river guide who has perfected comfort and personal care while rafting. 
Between our crew at Rivers & Oceans, we have three decades of guiding rafting trips in Grand Canyon, giving us the hands-on, insider knowledge to offer tips you won’t find on a standard packing list. How do you stay clean and keep your skin hydrated in the harsh, dry conditions at the bottom of the canyon?

5 Packing Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve guided many trips in Grand Canyon and have seen a lot of packing faux pas that cause my guests more hassle (and some times embarrassment) than necessary. Read more to find out the five most common mistakes rafters make when they pack and how to avoid them.
There’s simply nothing as exciting as doing something for the first time. Remember back to when you saw the ocean for the first time or ran your first mile or travelled someplace new – it was probably exhilarating, scary, and absolutely worth it. Fear is often what keeps us in the safety net of our comfort zone. Living