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Rafting Tips for Women

The learning curve can be steep for women in the wilderness and we would love to help alleviate some of those minor inconveniences of being a woman in the wild. This post is full of tips and tricks from our own experienced female river guide who has perfected comfort and personal care while rafting. 
Between our crew at Rivers & Oceans, we have three decades of guiding rafting trips in Grand Canyon, giving us the hands-on, insider knowledge to offer tips you won’t find on a standard packing list. How do you stay clean and keep your skin hydrated in the harsh, dry conditions at the bottom of the canyon?

5 Packing Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve guided many trips in Grand Canyon and have seen a lot of packing faux pas that cause my guests more hassle (and some times embarrassment) than necessary. Read more to find out the five most common mistakes rafters make when they pack and how to avoid them.
Most of us strive to make eco-friendly choices at home, but what about when we travel? Having been in the adventure travel industry for 30 years, we strive to balance our travels with our eco-footprint. We have partnered with amazing outfitters from around the world to offer trips that are big on adventure, but low
Hollywood actress, revered folk singer, and unwavering environmentalist. Known for her spunk and a penchant for dropping f-bombs, Katie Lee was a Jill of all trades who became one of the most outspoken opponents against the damming of Glen Canyon. Born on October 23, 1919, Lee had a childhood full of traipsing through the deserts
Clean water is our life’s blood. Without clean oceans and rivers, we would be up the creek without a paddle. Today marks the 45th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, which turned the tides of the increasingly polluted waterways in the United States at the time. The act, passed in 1972, is a federal law
We care deeply about the places we send you on your adventures. We love them and are deeply committed to their protection. These are truly important places that we want you to be able to experience and explore. The current administration is not backing off from threatening our public lands, many of which are locations