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The learning curve can be steep for women in the wilderness and we would love to help alleviate some of those minor inconveniences of being a woman in the wild. This post is full of tips and tricks from our own experienced female river guide who has perfected comfort and personal care while rafting. 
Between our crew at Rivers & Oceans, we have three decades of guiding rafting trips in Grand Canyon, giving us the hands-on, insider knowledge to offer tips you won’t find on a standard packing list. How do you stay clean and keep your skin hydrated in the harsh, dry conditions at the bottom of the canyon?

5 Packing Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve guided many trips in Grand Canyon and have seen a lot of packing faux pas that cause my guests more hassle (and some times embarrassment) than necessary. Read more to find out the five most common mistakes rafters make when they pack and how to avoid them.
There’s simply nothing as exciting as doing something for the first time. Remember back to when you saw the ocean for the first time or ran your first mile or travelled someplace new – it was probably exhilarating, scary, and absolutely worth it. Fear is often what keeps us in the safety net of our comfort zone. Living
Most of us strive to make eco-friendly choices at home, but what about when we travel? Having been in the adventure travel industry for 30 years, we strive to balance our travels with our eco-footprint. We have partnered with amazing outfitters from around the world to offer trips that are big on adventure, but low

Embrace Your Inner Explorer: A Manifesto

Here at Rivers & Oceans, we inspire ourselves and others to answer the call of adventure. We encourage others to be bold, to trailblaze, and to embrace what life has to offer. That is why we created a manifesto to empower and encourage you to connect with your inner explorer. Save it, print it, absorb it. Whenever

Bring Back Quality Time

Quality time can often take a backseat to the distractions of our everyday lives. It is easy to get caught up in our daily mishmash of emails, work routines, and long hours spent behind a screen. Adventure has a way of putting things into perspective. Unplugging and being together in nature opens up space for

Coming Home

A sense of belonging is something that everyone craves, even if it is difficult to define. We long to find people who understand, support, and recognize the unique traits and talents that we each individually have to offer. Our vice president, Jennifer Outland, recently compared each person at Rivers & Oceans to a bouquet of