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eady to set out on an adventure full of color, variety, and surprising discoveries? Point your compass toward Belize and get ready to experience exotic wildlife, ancient Mayan ruins, and a variety of active expeditions from the rainforest to island beaches. For travelers who love to get the most out of every day, Belize is sure to please!
Adventure Couples There’s something almost magical that happens when we are fearlessly chasing adventure. Our entire state of mind is open to whatever life has to offer. The thrill of the unknown calls us to go further – and we do, because somehow we know that amazing things are waiting for our arrival. For some, that amazing event is meeting the love of one’s life; the companion that makes every adventure more fulfilling.
This year the U.S. National Park Service turns 100! Grand Canyon river guide and R&O leader, Geoff Gourley, explores the Grand Canyon National Park and the surprising role commercial river running has played in finding the balance between protecting this sacred area and making it accessible to visitors. The Grand Canyon National Park A Really Good Idea Turns 100 Years Old