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What You Discover When You Travel

Traveling brings up a mixture of emotions – some nerves, lots of excitement, and a sense of longing. Longing for new experiences, unknown opportunities, and placing your feet in a place they have never been before. You can bring your expectations with you, but you soon learn that what you discover while traveling is beyond
Home to the densest population of brown bears in the world and lush rain forests, Admiralty Island is the definition of true undisturbed wilderness. Known as Kootznoowoo (“fortress of the bear”) by the people of the Tlingit tribe, the island is home to nearly one million acres dedicated to the Admiralty Island National Monument. Sprawling
Mayan ruins, epic waterfalls, lush rainforest – Mayflower Bocawina National Park in the Maya Mountains of Belize is the explorer’s paradise. Located on the eastern side of the mountain range with views of the Caribbean Sea, this park is one of Belize’s hidden gems. Experience over 7,000 acres of pristine, lush wilderness filled with rich
The Great Blue Hole of the Belize barrier reef
From aerial views, the Great Blue Hole of Belize is exactly that – a massive, circular abyss of sapphire water. Considered to be a “bucket-list” item of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is an ancient sinkhole made by the collapse of a cavern tens of thousands of years ago. The hole is 984 feet across and 410 feet deep – a football field (360 feet) seems minuscule in comparison. It was made famous by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960’s, who dubbed it one of the top ten diving places in the world and it’s easy to see why.

New Zealand: Experience It Like a Local

New Zealand - Experience it like a Local
We sat down with Hamish McMaster of Water by Nature who shared with us his one of his favorite offerings: his New Zealand multi-activity adventure. Hamish is one of our newest partners and his company has been offering exceptional expeditions for over a decade. As a native kiwi of New Zealand, this trip holds a special place in his heart. He has tailored every detail of this extraordinary expedition, including keeping group sizes intimate (8-12 people), to give our clients an immersive, authentic experience. Here’s what he had to say about the New Zealand Adventure.

Everyday Adventures

Rivers and Oceans Everyday Adventures
The word adventure can evoke a sense of extremity. Jumping out of airplanes, whitewater rafting, diving with sharks, hiking to the highest peak – adventure is often defined as “go big or go home”. We don’t believe this is necessarily true. Life is an adventure, with every big and small moment.
Rivers and Oceans Dietary Restrictions? No Problem! | 4 Easy and Delicious Campfire Recipes
Sleeping beneath the stars, fresh air, endless wilderness at your fingertips – camping is one of the best ways to connect with nature and recharge. Cooking meals over a campfire is one of the highlights of camping, but for those of us who have dietary restrictions, mealtime can be a source of anxiety.
Rivers and Oceans Unplug: Connecting to What Truly Matters
Our modern lives revolve around connection – text messages, phone calls, Wi-Fi, likes, tweets, pins, comments, shares, emails. Most of us are connected to a device daily and it’s easy to fall the slippery slope of constant scrolling, liking, and emoji-ing. We can stream almost anything we want while walking, at the grocery store, hanging out with friends, at home on the couch, or in bed before we fall asleep. Technology instantly connects us to billions around the globe and provides us with infinite resources. There is no doubt that digital connection has become part of our daily routines.