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Incredible things happen when we set out for adventure; the unexpected creates moments in time that connect us and stay with us forever. Our own Sammy Pappas tells us a story from his days as a guide in Belize, when an afternoon of windsurfing lead to a close encounter and a lifelong friendship.

Belize – Discover Something New.

eady to set out on an adventure full of color, variety, and surprising discoveries? Point your compass toward Belize and get ready to experience exotic wildlife, ancient Mayan ruins, and a variety of active expeditions from the rainforest to island beaches. For travelers who love to get the most out of every day, Belize is sure to please!
Fran & Dan Take on the Grand Canyon 1-Day Rafting Adventure! This summer we sent our Adventure Booking Specialists, Daniel and Francesca, out on a Grand Canyon 1-Day Rafting Adventure. Neither one had ever been on the Colorado River, so they left R&O with a blank canvas of expectations and a spirit full of excitement for the journey ahead.
Only have a few days? We’ve got your ticket to the best 1 & 2-day Whitewater Rafting Adventures in the Southwest. The Southwest is an adventurer’s playground, and for those of us that reside in Arizona (or are passing through) the possibilities for weekend river rafting expeditions in the great outdoors are endless. Many exciting destinations can be reached by car in less than a day and by plane in less than a few hours, making Arizona the perfect starting point to venture out and partake in a few days of adventure.

Adventure Couples – Tim & Pam

Adventure Couples There’s something almost magical that happens when we are fearlessly chasing adventure. Our entire state of mind is open to whatever life has to offer. The thrill of the unknown calls us to go further – and we do, because somehow we know that amazing things are waiting for our arrival. For some, that amazing event is meeting the love of one’s life; the companion that makes every adventure more fulfilling.
This year the U.S. National Park Service turns 100! Grand Canyon river guide and R&O leader, Geoff Gourley, explores the Grand Canyon National Park and the surprising role commercial river running has played in finding the balance between protecting this sacred area and making it accessible to visitors. The Grand Canyon National Park A Really Good Idea Turns 100 Years Old

Change Your Frame

Rivers and Ocean - Change Your Frame
We all face challenges in our day-to-day lives…but there’s something about traveling and being on an adventure that makes us more accepting of these challenges. In a new environment we are often more open and less resistant, which makes it easier to overcome obstacles and keep our sense of humor. Our challenges become part of

Seasons of Grand Canyon

Seasons of Grand Canyon – Rafting through the Grand Canyon is an unparalleled experience. One of the most common questions we receive from first time rafters is, “What is the best time to raft?” We wish we could give a finite answer; however, the honest answer is that the “best time to raft” varies from person to person. Truly, each month offers a different experience. Seasons of Grand Canyon – Rafting through the Grand Canyon is an unparalleled