Alaska YachtBears, Bergs & Bushwhacking



Visit several islands on your journey and enjoy waterfall lined coasts, temperate rainforests, and coastal tidepools.


This yacht adventure offers an intimate experience for a maximum of 22 guests that includes all the luxuries without the hidden excursion fees.


With chances to hike, kayak, paddleboard, or take a skiff ride; you will enjoy venturing off as much as relaxing on-board.


Spend your time spotting whales cruising through the nutrient-rich, blue-green waters and listen to the underwater sounds with the on-board hydrophone.


The smaller size of this ship gives you a unique perspective as you glide past magnificent glaciers and explore pristine waterways that you would never experience on a bigger ship or by land.


With chances to hike, kayak, paddleboard, or take a skiff ride; you will enjoy venturing off as much as relaxing on-board.

Yampa River

This sample itinerary is only a guideline; variations may occur to maximize your experience.

Day 1 – Petersburg, Alaska – Embark

Velkomen! Petersburg, nicknamed “Little Norway,” has its fair share of charm. Check in. Drop your bags. Then head into town. This hardworking fishing harbor bustles with action—trollers, seiners, longliners, crabbers. Beachwalk and bird watch. The views are pretty good too with the Coast Mountains and Devil’s Thumb looming from across the bay. Rest easy tonight after your Norwegian smorgasbord dinner, you have a big adventure tomorrow. Overnight at Tides Inn (or similar).

Day 2 – Petersburg – Embark

Flightseeing to a glacial icefield, fishing charter, or easy-going exploration of quaint Petersburg’s charms? You made your choice, but you’re in Alaska after all. And weather can factor in on your mode of transportation for these activities. Whatever the day brings, enjoy it! Make the scene with the locals, you’re on your own for lunch. Late afternoon, you’ll get a warm welcome aboard the Safari Quest. Settle in with champagne for an evening sail into whale-loving Frederick Sound.*

Day 3 – Kake / Keku Islands

At the northwest end of Kupreanof Island, dancing, legends, and totems tell the Tlingit story. Tribal members share Kake’s history—settle in, it goes back thousands of years. Ambling along, black bears. Eyes peeled on the woods and the shore. And look up now and again for bald eagles. Across the water, the Keku Islands dot Keku Strait. Slide into a kayak or skiff and glide along the fingerling islets and passageways. Make for shore on a tidal zone stroll turning up sea life clinging to rocks. Back on board, you’re greeted with a Viking handshake and a belly-warming cocktail.

Day 4 – Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area

Into the wild you go, on the western shore of Kuiu Island. Just shy of 67,000 acres of islands, islets, and forest sits in the Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area. And a little farther north, the Bay of Pillars. Either primed for exploration. Rubber boots at the ready—muskeg, woods, and tide pools set the stage for guided hikes. Kayaks and skiffs bring on the search for seaweed, kelp, harbor seals, sea stars, and jellies. Or try your hand at paddle boarding. Balance not quite so steady? The crew has a dry towel and hot toddy ready if you take a “polar plunge” by choice or by accident.

Day 5 – South Baranof Wilderness Area

2,500-foot high granite fjord walls. Rushing waterfalls. Snowfields and glaciers blanket the high country of South Baranof, giving way to coastal forest of hemlock and spruce. It’s wilderness with a capital W! Your captain knows these waters like the back of her hand. Skiff and paddle among little-known inlets with your guides, and likely seals, otters, and sea lions, too. There’s brown in this green landscape—Baranof is a hot spot for bears. Take a scrambling bushwhack in search of lupine, big views, and massive rainforest. Underway again, pop up to the bridge to look over charts with your captain and mates.

Day 6 – Chatham Strait / Frederick Sound

At the whim of the whales. Humpbacks migrate in droves to Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait. The krill and plankton here are just to their liking. Grab your binoculars and rally with your shipmates on the bow. It’s a sight to see when lots of whales appear far and near, their spouts look like picket fences. Look for the tell-tale bubbles and blows. And have your camera point-and-shoot ready. Drop the kayaks and skiffs and along with your guide, take your search to tucked-away nooks. It’s also a favorite spot of orcas and Dall’s porpoises—and likely one of yours too.

Day 7 – Admiralty Island National Monument

It’s a bear o’rama. Tlingit call the island Kootznoowoo, meaning “Fortress of the Bear.” Inspiration for the name is clear—the highest concentration of brown bears in the world, more bears than the lower U.S. states combined. It also claims the world’s greatest congregation of bald eagles. But back to the bears. Wake in the heart of the Admiralty Island National Monument wilderness. Pull on your gummies (boots) then hop aboard the skiff for a wet landing and a guided hike to a protected bear viewing area. Take it all in—these are powerful beings. Lower your pulse with a quiet kayak or write postcards on the sun deck later in the day.

Day 9 – Stikine-LeConte Wilderness Area

Alaska wilderness delivers! Flowing a little slower than your typical river, you find a river of ice and the southern-most tidewater glacier—LeConte. It’s a grand finale of a day. Tides and currents decide your LeConte Bay adventures. Drop anchor in Ideal Cove and hike along the Three Lakes trail. High tide? Pass bergy-riding seal pups as you motor through the glacier’s ice gardens. Low tide? Walk among icebergs caught in the glacial runoff field. Cap off your week with a celebratory Farewell Dinner and slideshow.

Day 9 – Petersburg– Disembark

Truth, all good things must end. After one last breakfast with new friends you will be transfered to the airport for your flight home.

*Petersburg activities on Day 2/Friday of itinerary are subject to change due to weather/conditions. While UnCruise will do its best to keep groups together on flightseeing or fishing charter departures, due to weight limits and other requirements, groups may be split up and should not expect to fly/fish together. Choose from restaurants in town—Friday lunch is on your own. 

Gear Up

Travel in Alaska is often characterized by its cool, humid climate. We recommend investing in good rain gear, quick drying base layers, warm socks, and a solid pair of calf height rain boots with a good rubber sole. Every adventure is better with the right gear!

Flexible, Fun & Full!

Your days will be filled from the moment you wake until you retire to your cabin with opportunities for group meals, off-ship outings, and presentations in the evening. You can choose to participate in the activities and presentations each day or sit them out, but one thing is for sure, this cruise will keep you moving!

Adventure Specialists

We’ve been connecting our clients to water adventures around the world since 1987. We partner with select outfitters who share our values and are pros at creating exceptional experiences. There is no fee for our service; we earn our commission from the outfitters we represent, and the cost of your expedition is the same as booking direct.


After meeting your fellow travelers, you will set sail from Petersburg, Alaska on the Safari Quest through whale-loving Frederick Sound.


The last night on the ship, you will have a special farewell dinner, and the next morning after breakfast, you will disembark in Petersburg, Alaska for your flight home.

Price Includes

All on-board meals; premium spirits, wine, and beer; non-alcoholic beverages; exclusive transfers and baggage handling between airport/vessel on embark/disembark days; entry fees to national parks/preserves; all adventure activities and equipment from the boat. Also included is several wellness offerings such as the on-deck hot tub and fitness equipment.


You will find Alaska’s summer temperatures surprisingly pleasant. Daytime highs for June – August range from 60°F – 80°F. Nighttime lows are refreshingly cool, dipping into the 40’s – 50’s. During this time of year, expect a few days of cloudy weather and rain, but also some clear days. Look forward to long daylight hours and enjoy the beautiful light change on the landscape.

Alaska’s Islands

Visit several islands on your journey, part of the Alexander Archipelago, and appreciate their waterfall lined coasts, temperate rainforests, and coastal tidepools. This area’s waterway passages are favored stopover points for humpback whales, harbor seals, and Steller sea lions.

Group Size

This is an exclusive yacht which holds 22 guests and a generous guest to guide ratio of 2 guests for each crew member. Look forward to plenty of opportunities to learn from expert guides, as well as hands-on instruction for all your adventure activities with room to relax aboard the ship.

The Boat

Meet the Safari Quest – a spacious boutique yacht that offers ample vantage points for taking in the sights and relaxing. The ship carries all the adventure equipment for guests including kayaks, paddleboards, inflatable skiffs, hiking poles, and more. All cabins are equipped with a TV and DVD, iPod docking station, private bath with shower and heated tiles, and generous closet space. Your vessel includes a casually elegant salon, fully stocked bar, and cozy library to sit back and relax. The vessel also comes equipped with an on-deck hot tub and fitness area in the sun lounge to enjoy.


You can look forward to a delicious daily menu filled with meals that include locally sourced ingredients, such as fresh Dungeness crab or Alaskan prawns. For breakfast – you can choose from an early riser breakfast with fresh baked pastries and fruit or a full breakfast with hot, cold, and specialty dishes. For lunch – you will find a range of salads, sandwiches, and homemade soups. For happy hour – enjoy a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres in the lounge. For dinner -choose from several entrées including fresh, local seafood and meat or a vegetarian dish with a chef-selected wine pairing. Be sure to leave room for an indulgent dessert, such as tiramisu.

Length: 8 nights
Price: $7,495 – $10,595 per person; $250 for port taxes & fees
Season: May – August
Min. Age: 13 years
Activity: Expedition Cruise
Adventure Level:  Mild

  • I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the Rivers & Oceans’ staff, their organizational skills, knowledge and simply being just nice people. Once I decided to go with them every detail of the adventure was planned, organized and implemented without a hitch.

    Steve G.

  • Absolutely wonderful. Rivers and Oceans is operated by people who truly care about your trip and have the personal experience to help you make the best choice. Now go see for yourself and let Rivers and Oceans lead you towards the adventure of a lifetime.

    Owen S.

  • The folks at Rivers and Oceans are great. Helped us find and book a trip and patiently answered many questions over the weeks preceding the trip. Thank you.

    Greg W.

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