The Wild and RemoteTatshenshini River


Huge glaciers, jagged mountain peaks, fields of wildflowers, a pristine glacial lake, and the Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness will be just a few of the beautiful sites along this trip.


Keep an eye out for a plethora of wildlife, such as grizzly bears, caribou, moose, musk ox, mountain goats, eagles, black-tailed deer, and wolves.


Visit a region still experiencing the powerful forces of glaciation with a hike to Walker Glacier and a paddle through Alsek Lake, an enormous lake with hundreds of immense icebergs.


Your trip will conclude with a scenic flight to either Whitehorse, Canada or Yakutat, Alaska for a spectacularly beautiful view of the wilderness.


Set up camp below the majestic and towering Mt. Fairweather, considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.


Accomplished, educated guides share their knowledge of the Rogue River, amplifying the quality of your experience.

Tatshenshini River

Sister to the Alsek River and considered the classic Alaskan river, the Tatshenshini offers a little bit of everything. This 10-day trip begins at Dalton’s Post where you will set sail on the Tatshenshini River and embark upon a 132 mile trip through the great Alaskan wilderness. The first few days of the journey, you will travel through thick, forested valleys where an abundance of Alaska’s wildlife can be seen. When you arrive at the point where the Tatshenshini meets the Alsek River, the sight of Walker Glacier will take your breath away. As you continue downstream, you will reach the calm, still waters of Alsek Lake, where the calving of massive chunks of ice, create huge icebergs. These huge floating, radiant icebergs protrude through the water, some as high as 75 feet above the surface. The last day on the river, you will make your way to Dry Bay, Alaska, where you will take a short flight back to civilization.

This is not a tour; it’s an expedition!

A flexible, open attitude is a necessity. You will be immersed in the varying elements of nature. There is no set daily itinerary, electricity, or indoor plumbing. There is plenty of adventure, camaraderie, good food, and beautiful Alaskan scenery.

Adventure Specialists

We’ve been connecting our clients to water adventures around the world since 1987. We partner with select outfitters who share our values and are pros at creating exceptional experiences. There is no fee for our service; we earn our commission from the outfitters we represent, and the cost of your expedition is the same as booking direct.


Your trip will begin in Haines, Alaska. Depending on which outfitter you select, your first night’s stay may be included in the trip price. The next morning, you will be shuttled to the put-in spot near Dalton Post in Canada’s Yukon territory by the outfitter.


Your trip will end 130 river miles later in Dry Bay, Alaska where your river trip will conclude and you will board a small charter flight to either Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in Canada or Yakutat, Alaska, depending on which outfitter you choose.

Price Includes

Your first night’s lodging may be included depending on the outfitter that you select. Your outfitter will provide all the camping and river related safety equipment, along with plenty of fresh food, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks (some outfitters may include beer, wine and some liqueurs while in camp.) Transportation to the put-in point and take-out point, including your final chartered flight to either Whitehorse, Canada or Yakutat, Alaska is included.


The summer months in this region are usually slightly cool and sunny. June is the driest month to raft with chances for precipitation increasing as the summer moves on. The daily temperature is usually between 60°F-70°F with the average nightly temperature in the 50s°F.

The Tatshenshini River

The Tatshenshini River is characterized by Class II-III rapids, and it is challenging due to its remote nature. The upper part of the river runs highest in June with the spring snowmelt, yet the Alsek River that it joins peaks in early July due to melting glaciers. The hotter the weather the longer the high water will hold, leaving medium to moderate water levels for August. Its path flows near several glaciers, which contributes to the very cold temperature of the river.

Boats & Group Size

Your transport will be by an oar powered raft. Oar powered rafts Oar rafts carry our camp gear along with 2-4 passengers plus the guide, who maneuvers the raft with a set of oars mounted on the raft. Normally two to three boats travel together and group sizes are anywhere from 5 guests to a maximum of 12 guests per trip.

Camp Life

Whether you’re an experienced camper or it’s your first time under the stars, our outfitters are specialists in facilitating an enjoyable and relaxing camping experience. Everyone participates in setting up and breaking down camp. A clean, private camp toilet is set up first thing upon arrival at camp and it is the last thing to be dismantled the next morning.


One thing is certain on an Alaskan rafting trip: There will be plenty of food! The meals served are hearty and delicious, complete with fresh ingredients and a variety of foods. A typical morning might start with French toast, bacon, fruit, orange juice, and coffee or tea. Lunch might be a delicious spread of cold cuts and cheeses with several types of bread, or pitas stuffed with veggies and hummus. There are always plenty of snacks and beverages available throughout the day. At dinner, your guides’ cooking skills truly shine-sizzling steaks or salmon, chicken enchiladas, and delicious pasta dishes are all part of the repertoire. Dinner generally includes a salad, and a dessert. Alcoholic beverages may be included, but you are always welcome to bring your own. With advance notice, all outfitters are able to accommodate for special dietary requirements.

Length: 10 – 11 days
Price: $3,700 – $6,495 per person
Season: June – September
Min. Age: 13 years
Activity: Whitewater Rafting
Adventure Level: Strong
  • I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the Rivers & Oceans’ staff, their organizational skills, knowledge and simply being just nice people. Once I decided to go with them every detail of the adventure was planned, organized and implemented without a hitch.

    Steve G.

  • Absolutely wonderful. Rivers and Oceans is operated by people who truly care about your trip and have the personal experience to help you make the best choice. Now go see for yourself and let Rivers and Oceans lead you towards the adventure of a lifetime.

    Owen S.

  • The folks at Rivers and Oceans are great. Helped us find and book a trip and patiently answered many questions over the weeks preceding the trip. Thank you.

    Greg W.

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