Weekend Warriors ; 1 & 2 Day Southwest Rafting Adventures!

Only have a few days?  We’ve got your ticket to the best 1 & 2-day Whitewater Rafting Adventures in the Southwest.

The Southwest is an adventurer’s playground, and for those of us that reside in Arizona (or are passing through) the possibilities for weekend river rafting expeditions in the great outdoors are endless. Many exciting destinations can be reached by car in less than a day and by plane in less than a few hours, making Arizona the perfect starting point to venture out and partake in a few days of adventure. Whether you call Arizona home or plan to visit the Southwest this summer, be sure to check out these whitewater river rafting expeditions and discover just how much adventure can be packed into a day!

An Epic One-Day Adventure Through Grand Canyon –

If Arizona is your destination of choice, consider the ultimate adventure: rafting Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon 1-day whitewater rafting expeditions deliver a full day of adventure in the heart of the Canyon. Native Hualapai guides lead us down 35 miles of the mighty Colorado river. 1-day expeditions are a complete package, offering thrilling rapids, a hike to a waterfall, shoreline lunch, breathtaking scenery, and an optional helicopter ride out of the Canyon.  Experience what it feels like to be a mile deep in the earth and get a new perspective…all in a day!

Expeditions are $361 per person without helicopter, and $451 with helicopter. Trips run till October. Learn more about the The Grand Canyon 1-Day Rafting Expedition.

How About Utah…

Moab, Utah is known as the ‘adventure capitol of the world’ and it’s only a 5 hour drive from Flagstaff, Arizona. Here you can catch a boat on the Colorado river for a 1 or 2-day whitewater rafting trip through Cataract Canyon or Westwater Canyon. Along with these adrenaline-pumping rafting adventures, Moab is perfect for hiking, biking, off-road jeep tours, and horseback riding.  Make your trip a multi-sport expedition where everyone in the family can find something they love!

Big, Rolling Rapids & High Adventure on Cataract Canyon –

Rafting the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon is a powerful experience that takes us 100 miles through the heart of Canyonlands National Park. On our journey we’ll raft over 30 thrilling whitewater rapids – making this an exciting, blood-pumping adventure. Each trip offers a nice combination of quiet floating, incredible hiking, fast moving whitewater and the simple pleasures of camp life. Cataract Canyon offers a Grand Canyon-like atmosphere; it’s a special place that leaves a deep impression.

1-Day Expeditions are $425 per person, 2-day expeditions begin at $564 per person. Trips run till October. Learn more about rafting Cataract Canyon.

The West’s Best Short Whitewater Adventure on Westwater Canyon –

The Colorado River through Westwater Canyon is a river trip that offers the best of both worlds; land adventure and plenty of whitewater thrills all within as little as one day’s time. Being dubbed “The West’s Best Short Whitewater Trip”, we can count on a wild and scenic classic river trip that offers excitement as soon as we put our oars in the water. Tall red and gold sandstone canyons with captivating geological formations are around every corner. Hikes to petroglyphs, an old prospectors’ cabin, and Butch Cassidy’s hideout give a glimpse of the Utah wilderness only seen by those traveling through the canyon on a boat.

1-Day Expeditions begin at $165 per person, 2-day expeditions begin at $339 per person. Trips run till October. Learn more about rafting Westwater Canyon.

Are you Ready To Get On The River?

With each option offering something a little different than the next, we can get you on a trip that has everything you’re looking for as early as the day of departure.

Looking for a big water, adrenaline-pumping experience? Cataract Canyon is the ticket you need. Are you hoping for a nice balance of hiking paired with moderate whitewater for the whole family? Catch the boat for Westwater Canyon! Only have one day to squeeze in an epic Grand Canyon adventure? Then try the Grand Canyon One-Day rafting expedition.

Seize the moment, and make your weekend an adventure to remember in the great outdoors.  Rivers & Oceans will guide you through!