What You Discover When You Travel

Traveling brings up a mixture of emotions – some nerves, lots of excitement, and a sense of longing. Longing for new experiences, unknown opportunities, and placing your feet in a place they have never been before. You can bring your expectations with you, but you soon learn that what you discover while traveling is beyond anything you could imagine.
Discover presence.
Even if your suitcase is over packed, you learn how to lighten your load. You learn to let go – of routines, emails, stress, and expectations. You see that unloading your mind of distractions and embracing the moment is the deepest way to connect with your surroundings. You know that taking a deep breath and being in the moment is the best experience of any journey.
Discover awe
Travel changes your perspective. You are immersed into new traditions and routines that are completely different from your own. You discover eons-old cultures and unknown bits of history. You meet new faces, hear new stories, and experience new adventures. Your eyes are opened to new horizons. Your mind is opened in ways beyond words.
Discover potential
Your limits are only set in your head. You realize your potential to break out of your comfort zone and see the world as a place of endless possibilities. You discover your sense of adventure and embrace the unknown. You realize that traveling opens so many doors and that all you have to do is knock.
Discover gratitude.
You come back a changed person. Traveling the world shows you the heart of humanity and the beauty of our planet. Travel is transformative and you find yourself brimming with gratitude for what new adventures bring to you. You are forever changed.
Discover wanderlust.
Once you get a taste of adventure, you are forever addicted. Whether you wait two weeks or twenty years, wanderlust always finds a way into your mind. You find yourself reading about little-known locations, craving new flavors, longing for a bit of culture shock. You realize that the world is waiting outside of everyday stresses and routines.
As your travels come to a close, your heart will ache as you say goodbye. But you will return home fulfilled with your discoveries and the promise of new adventures to come.