Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon | Where Will Your Rafting Adventure Take You?


Grand Canyon river rafters hiking a waterfall and exploring nature


Here at Rivers and Oceans, we offer rafting adventures throughout the US as well as other parts of the world! Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon are home to some of our most popular rafting trips. Whether you are looking for scenery, adventure, relaxation, or something to challenge your skills, there is a rafting trip for you. Here is a little more about what you can expect in our favorite places. 



As one of our most popular destinations, Arizona is home to The Grand Canyon and numerous trips along the Colorado River. Rafting adventures run from March-October. Keep in mind that trips scheduled mid-summer can get pretty hot, so be sure to plan accordingly to ensure you are comfortable! Lots of water, thorough sun-protection, energizing snacks, and electrolyte-tablets are all good items to carry with you.


Arizona offers rafting adventures for all levels and interests. Both first-time rafters and experienced professionals will be able to find the trip that was made for them.


·      Trips can run between 1-18 days. For first-timers looking to get a taste for rafting in the Grand Canyon, you can always do a 1 day or a 2-day rafting trip. The western trip, which is 3-4 days, is also a nice option. 

·      There are different types of boats available – motorized boats will cover more distance in less time, helping you to explore a larger portion of the canyon.

·      During the shoulder seasons of April/May and Sept/Oct, there are numerous trips referred to as “hiker’s specials.” These trips will put a larger emphasis on hiking, taking participants on explorations on stunning trails and side canyons.


If you want the experience of hiking in or out of The Grand Canyon, we recommend doing either an Upper Canyon trip, where you will hike out of the Canyon at the end of your trip, or a Lower Canyon trip, where you will hike into the Canyon the first day of your trip along the Bright Angel Trail. We offer lots of information about this hike including what to bring and hiking etiquette.



Utah is a stunning place for travelers to explore with its unique terrain and diverse scenery. Whether you are looking for a forested mountain adventure, or something winding through the copper-colored deserts, Utah is the place to find it.


Utah offers a number of excellent paddling destinations including Cataract Canyon, Lodore Canyon, and the Yampa River. Desolation Canyon and The San Juan River are great for first-time rafters and family trips. For some paddling adventures, the minimum age is only 5!


The paddling season in Utah runs from April through October, with a smaller seasonal window for trips in the northern part of the state.


Rafting in Idaho offers incredible whitewater, fishing expeditions, solitude, and scenic forested canyons. The season typically runs from late June until mid-September. For people looking for a rafting adventure during the summer, Idaho can be a much cooler option than Arizona.


The Main Salmon is great for beginners and experienced paddlers alike, whereas the Selway River offers more whitewater options for the experienced rafters and thrill-seekers! Our Snake River Adventure is highly recommended for the whole family with fishing excursions, abundant wildlife, and a stunning new landscape around every turn.



An adventure along the Rogue River is great for all levels. The scenery is incredible with old-growth forests, waterfalls, and towering cliffs. Families will love the hiking opportunities, sandy beach campsites, and warm water swimming. Some outfitters even offer lodging options so you can relax back at your cabin after a long day on the river.


Rafting trips in Oregon will typically take place between from June through August. While there might be a short window for rafting in Oregon because of the lower temperatures, if you are able to make the trip to paddle Oregon in the summertime, you won’t regret it.


To avoid the intense Arizona heat during the mid-summer months, we like to steer people up to Oregon. The moderate climate and stunning scenery keep travelers returning year after year.

A Few Misconceptions...


Summer Is Too Hot


Even with the hotter temperatures, summertime is still the most popular time to raft the Grand Canyon. When it gets too hot, you always have the river to cool you off.


You Have To Paddle


The good news is that you won’t have to. In general, river rafting with a commercial outfitter is for people of all levels. A lot of people think if they go river rafting, they will have to do all the paddling themselves. This is only the case in an “all-paddle” trip, which is a rare trip in Grand Canyon. Oar boats have a guide who does all of the rowing. All you need to do is hang on!

You’ll Have To Hike… A Lot


Trips are tailored to your interests. While some people want to spend a lot of time hiking, others don’t. They’d rather spend their time enjoying a cup of coffee and a book by the river. All Grand Canyon trips will involve some hiking once you’re in the Canyon, but you can choose to participate, hang out at camp, or relax by the shoreline.


You Have To Figure It All Out On Your Own


You won’t! This is what we do best. Our team is able to carefully find and select the right trip for each and every client. We love to match people up to their ultimate rafting adventure. You might even surprise yourself! We’ve had people who had never camped a night in their lives, join us for a 14-day trip and absolutely love it. We’ve also had people who did a shorter trip and said that was just enough – they wanted a hot shower and a real bed! Our job is to find the trip that will be right for you. No matter where you decide to go, or what time of year, there is always an adventure to be found. 

We would love to help you plan the ultimate rafting adventure! Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you! 928-440-9691