Adventure Spotlight – Elves Chasm and Redwall Cavern

The experience of rafting through Grand Canyon is completely unique to each traveler. Every trip down the Colorado River is eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and awe-inspiring. Adventure awaits around every bend and through every rapid – the opportunities are endless. Hidden deep in the Canyon are extraordinary places that you can only experience on a rafting trip and that very few of the millions of visitors to the national park ever get to see. Elves Chasm and Redwall Cavern are just two of the sites you will be able to explore on a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

Redwall Cavern

Redwall Cavern is a gigantic natural amphitheater located on river mile 33 of the Colorado River. The cavern was created by high river flows carving into the Grand Canyon’s red limestone walls and it is easy to spot fossilized marine creature in the walls from 340 million years ago. Early Grand Canyon explorer John Wesley Powell estimated it could hold upwards of 50,000 people. It is only accessible from the river and is the perfect shaded stop to escape the heat on a Full Canyon or Upper Canyon rafting trip.

Elves Chasm

Located between river miles 116 and 117 on the Colorado River is a shaded, fern lined grotto called Elves Chasm. You can experience this magical place on Lower Canyon and Full Canyon whitewater rafting trips. This is the perfect place to escape the heat and swim in the shaded, emerald pool of water. If you venture past the first waterfall and don’t mind scrambling over some rocks, you can find several more waterfalls, wildflowers, and beautiful walls of Bright Angel Shale, a sedimentary rock composed of mud, silt, and clay minerals.

Photo by John Borhek

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