Clint's First Time Rafting on the Grand Canyon!

Our newest team member, Clint Diveley, adventure booking specialist, recently returned from his first trip rafting Grand Canyon — and we asked him how it went!

Clint took the five-day Lower Grand Canyon rafting trip that began with a 9.7 mile hike into Grand Canyon via the Bright Angel Trail, which leaves from the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park.  The motorized river rafting portion traveled more than 100 miles through Grand Canyon and included hiking and exploration of Deer Creek Falls and Havasu Canyons — as well as camping on beaches in the bottom of the Grand Canyon under a beautiful blanket of stars.

So Clint, how did it go?

I’m ready to go back! It was more fun than I thought it could be. The guides were awesome and it was great meeting others on the rafting trip. I was worried about the long hike into Grand Canyon because I’m not in the best shape, but with the help of my new friends, and duct tape to prevent blisters (thank you Kristin for the tips!), the hike was a good thing. I learned it’s super important to take care of your feet and take the hike seriously, so that it doesn’t ruin the rest of your trip.

And what where the best parts of your Lower Canyon trip?

Meeting the other people on the trip. I entered the Canyon with strangers but the shared experiences of being outside, rafting, and hiking together, led to making fast friends. The sense of community that emerged was unexpected and really great.

By the end of the second day I felt like I had known these people all my life. We all helped each other on the trail, shared an outdoor bathroom, shared meals — and we were all sad to say good bye when it was over.

Also, the side hikes, where we could explore more of the Canyon, were incredible. I had no idea they existed. Seeing Deer Creek Falls and Havasu Canyons were a crucial part of the trip, for sure.

Any tips for other first timers to Grand Canyon rafting?

Do it! It’s more fun than you think. You’ll make new friends. I ended up putting away my phone and camera and just enjoyed the experience, and the break from technology.

Also, you end up wearing the same stuff, so pack much lighter than you think you’ll need to — and read the information your outfitter sends in advance! Be prepared for the hiking as well as the rafting, and you’ll have the time of your life.

Rafting the Grand Canyon is so much more than the rapids. It’s also the sense of community, drifting in the Colorado, swimming, hiking, staying warm as well as cooling off. It was awesome.

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