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Below is information about all the multi-day rafting trips through Grand Canyon National Park. Trips are between 3 and 18 days long. We have other pages with information about one-day and two-day Grand Canyon trips.


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  • The Bright Angel trail runs from the South Rim 9.5 miles down to the Colorado River with an elevation change of 4500 feet. You must be prepared to hike for 4 to 8 hours carrying your own duffel and water. Elements such as heat and elevation will have an impact. Hiking into the canyon is equally as demanding as hiking out of the canyon and can be more difficult for people with knee issues. If you answer yes to the following questions, dust off your hiking boots and get ready!

    • Are you in good health?
    • Are you in good physical shape? (Do you exercise regularly? Can you walk ten miles without issue?)
    • Are you capable of carrying a backpack weighing 20-30 lbs. and at least two liters of water?
    • Are you willing to take the hike seriously: Train for the hike, pack lightly and eat and drink properly during the hike?

    If you are more than a little overweight, out of shape, have a heart condition, joint problems, asthma or are afraid of heights, it would be wise to consider a rafting trip that does not require a hike in or out of the Canyon.

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Full Canyon

Price Starting at $2,691
Trip Lengths: 6-18 days

Begin at Lees Ferry
End at Whitmore Wash (mile 188), Diamond Creek (mile 225), Pearce Ferry (mile 280)

Upper Canyon

Price Starting at $1,475
Trip Lengths: 4-8 days
Hike Out Required
Begin at Lees Ferry
End at Phantom Ranch (mile 88)

Lower Canyon

Price Starting at $2,045
Trip Lengths: 5-12 days
Hike In Required
Begin at Phantom Ranch (mile 88)
End at Whitmore Wash (mile 188), Diamond Creek (mile 225), Pearce Ferry (mile 280)

Western Canyon

Price Starting at $1,498
Trip Lengths: 3-5 days

Begin at Whitmore Wash (mile 188)
End at Pearce Ferry (mile 280)

Raft the entire Grand Canyon from the beginning till the end and immerse yourself in this wondrous place.
Raft the initial 89 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. End your trip with a hike from the river to the South Rim.
All Lower Grand Canyon rafting trips begin at river mile 89, and trips end at varying locations 100 or more miles downstream giving you the chance to soak in more Canyon.
The Western Grand Canyon rafting trip covers the final stretch of the Colorado River and offers a multi-activity experience, including a ride on 100 miles of majestic waters from river mile 188 all the way to Lake Mead.

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