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Run rapids, hike to falls, lunch on the river bank – all in one day.
Spend two days on the Colorado River and one magnificent night.
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What type of Grand Canyon rafting trip are you interested in?

Find the ultimate grand canyon rafting trip!Explore the Grand Canyon
Experience the entire Grand Canyon from the beginning till the end and immerse yourself in this wondrous place.
All Lower Grand Canyon rafting trips begin at river mile 89, and trips end at varying locations 100 or more miles downstream giving you the chance to soak in more Canyon.
Both the Canyon walls and river rapids build in size as you float downstream, giving you time to gradually take in the experience.
The Western Grand Canyon rafting trip covers the final stretch of the Colorado River and offers a multi-activity experience, including a ride on 100 miles of majestic waters from river mile 188 all the way to Lake Mead.

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Grand Canyon Whitwater River Rafting!

Check out our Grand Canyon Whitewater River Rafting video. A great way to get a peek at what's in store for you whether you chose the One Day Grand Canyon Rafting, An Overnight Grand Canyon Adventure or select a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip of a lifetime 3-14 Days.
Rivers and Oceans is where you find the Best Grand Canyon Trips!

Rafting With A Group?

It’s quite common for people to inquire about chartering a rafting trip, preferring to raft with their friends and companions. A charter river trip in Grand Canyon is an amazing experience that also requires consideration of several additional factors. If you’d like to learn more, click here or give us a call and we’ll guide you through.

A Glimpse Into the Canyon

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