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Grand Canyon Whitwater!

Check out our Colorado River Rafting video. A great way to get a peek at what's in store for you whether you chose a Grand Canyon day trip, an overnight adventure or a 3 to 16 day rafting vacation.
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Your Questions Answered

Rafting trips in Grand Canyon range from 1 day all the way to 18 days depending on what stretch of river you wish to raft and what type of boat you select. Motorized rafts run the entire river in around 8 days while oar and paddle trips take around 14-days to run the river.

The Colorado River in Grand Canyon is broken down into sections and therefore there are trips with varying lengths. The shortest trip is the 1 day, which covers 35 river miles. The longest rafting trip is 280 river miles beginning at Lees Ferry and ending at Pearce Ferry (Lake Mead).

The Grand Canyon is broken down into sections, which are known as Full, Upper, Lower, and Western. The sections are defined by what river mile (RM) the river trip starts (puts in) and what river mile the trip ends (takes out).

Full: Raft the full Length of Grand Canyon
The Full Grand Canyon rafting adventure begins at Lees Ferry (RM 0) and goes through Grand Canyon to one of three take out points depending on the trip: Whitmore Wash (RM 188), Diamond Creek (RM 225), or Pearce Ferry (RM 280).

Upper Section: Raft the Start of Grand Canyon to the Middle
Upper section Grand Canyon tours begin at Lees Ferry (RM 0). Trips end at Phantom Ranch (RM 88), the deepest part of the Canyon, and require a hike out of Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. These trips trips are around 6 days on oar and paddle rafts. Motor rafts rarely end trips here.

Lower Section: Raft from the Middle to the end of Grand Canyon
Lower section Grand Canyon tours start in the middle of the Canyon at Phantom Ranch (RM 88) and require you to hike into the Canyon via the Bright Angel Trail. Trips will end at one of three take out points depending on the trip selected: Whitmore Wash (RM 188), Diamond Creek (RM 225), or Pearce Ferry (RM 280). This section is around 8 days for oar and paddle rafts.

Western Section: Raft the tail end of Grand Canyon
The Western Grand Canyon tours begins with a helicopter ride from the rim to the Colorado River at Whitmore Wash (RM 188) and ends 92 miles downstream at Pearce Ferry (RM 280). This trip is 3 days and two nights by oar or motor raft.

There are a variety of different whitewater rafting trips to choose from in Grand Canyon. Finding the best trip for you will depend on how many days you want to be on the river, what season you’d like to raft, how much time you have, and your price point.

Our advice is to spend as much time in the Canyon as possible. We have found most people wish they could have spent more time on the river. If you aren't sure which trip to do an 8-day motor is one of our most popular trips. If you want a oar raft or paddle boat then a great option is the Upper and then hike out of the canyon. If you had fun come back and do the lower.

The price of rafting trips in Grand Canyon depends on how many days you wish to raft. Longer trips cost more than shorter ones. A 1-day Grand Canyon rafting trip starts at $399 per person and the longest trip (18 days) starts at $6,000 per person. The average price for a 7-day rafting trip in Grand Canyon is $2,800 per person.

Every season in the Grand Canyon comes with its own beauties and challenges. April and May have cooler temperatures, which require extra layers, but allow for longer hikes while the wildflowers are in bloom. Spring can bring strong winds. June through August are the hottest and busiest months to raft Grand Canyon with temperatures ranging from 95-115°F.

Monsoon season starts in July and goes through August, bringing afternoon clouds and rain showers to cool things off. These two months also have the biggest whitewater with the river running at its highest for the seaon. As the rafting season winds down in September and October, you can expect cooler weather, longer hikes, and shorter days.

We have more information on our blog about variations during the rafting season.

All the Grand Canyon commercial outfitters are pros and we’ve been working with them for over 30 years. Since demand for rafting trips in Grand Canyon is high, in our experience the choice of trip comes down to what is available that fits your timeframe, budget, and trip type rather than whic outfitter. That being said, when there are multiple options trips from different outfitters that meet your needs we can steer towards the one that will mesh best with your preferences. All the outfitters in Grand Canyon run excellent trips.

It’s quite common for people to inquire about chartering a rafting trip for a private group, preferring to raft with their friends and companions. A charter river trip in Grand Canyon is an amazing experience allowing for customization of the trip. If you’d like to learn more, click here.

Grand Canyon outfitters do not offer luxury rafting trips. Some offer cots to sleep on instead of pads on the ground. All trips have chairs for camp and the food is nicer than what most people expect when camping. For those that want luxury, there are two options. Sign-up for a trip on another river like the Rogue or Middle Fork Salmon which offer luxury rafting trips or charter a Grand Canyon trip so that it can be customized to meet your groups needs.

Upper Grand Canyon tours allow you to see the canyon grow taller each day as you head deeper towards Phantom Ranch. Classic stops include Redwall Cavern a huge cave at river level and the emerald blue Little Colorado River. Giant rapids of the inner gorge above Phantom Ranch include Hance, Sockdoleger, and Grapevine. There are incredible hikes in this section of canyon including Saddle Canyon, North Canyon, and the Nankoweap Graneries.

Lower Grand Canyon trips take rafters through the heart of the Grand Canyon. The trips starts with some of the Colorado River's largest rapids: Horn, Granite, Hermit, and Crystal. Almost daily there are significant rapids. Memorable stops include Elves Chasm, Thunder River, Deer Creek and Havasu Creek. Waiting at the end of the trip is the world famous Lava Falls Rapid.

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